I was blessed to have my son Seb, at the ripe old age of 41, via artificial insemination from a donor. I have lived a very full life of travel, living overseas, working in great roles and companies, and doing a lot of really cool things in my life.

I then became ill for a few years and my life halted while I worked through that phase of my life. I have been blessed to come full circle through that period, and have left it behind, and creating a new identity that wasn’t a “sick” or “fragile” person. I struggled to create a life of meaning and value on the other side of that period, and had an opportunity to really evaluate what was important to me in my life, and what I truly wanted, and accepted myself and what my life would be like as a result.

Missing out on being a mum at a later stage of life, with no partner on the horizon was something I could not reconcile very well, and decided I needed to try at the very least.

I managed to find an amazing donor who assisted me and gave me the most amazing gift of my life… my son Sebastian. Like many mums around the world, I could not have imagined my life without this little boy, and the greatest love and learning experience of my life began.

Very early on I suspected my son was on the Autism Spectrum. As in when he was a newborn, I noticed so many things, but you can’t talk about it as a new mum, as everyone dismisses you about everything, including professionals. A lot of the time with family and friends, it can be their own discomfort in the face of perceived imperfection.

This is the very beginning of a journey of great love primarily, that encompasses people’s curiosity, misunderstanding, ignorance and ever changing expectations.

My hope is in sharing a little bit about our life as a single mother by choice family with an autistic just turned two year old, you might learn a little more about autism, Seb, what makes me tick, and maybe even have a good laugh at times.

I guess I have no idea what form the blog will take yet, as our journey is not able to be predicted… it’s just what happens today. 🙂